Joe's good friend, Joe Shea, wrote about him in his latest newsletter for the Campus Ambassadors. Please check it out at

Posted by Anne on 06.18.11

The people at Sailor's Grave Records have made an amazing memorial page for Joe. Currently, if you go directly to their website at, Joe's page is what you land on. But here is the permanent address for it:

It is very touching. Thank you to Mark Lind, Lenny Lashley, T.J. Welch, Nicole Tammaro, Sailor's Grave & Thorp, & everyone else who helped out on this. It really means a lot to us.

Posted by Anne on 04.21.11

As you can see, I've tried to get Joe's old look back for the site. I'm not entirely sure where he kept his most recent files & I can't remember when the last time he updated the site was, but fortunately, he did have pretty much all of his html files on his computer. I still have some work to do on the website. I have to upload some of his movies & probably create some new pages & fix some broken links. I may start adding some of his older videos from high school if I can figure out how.

If anyone out there happens to have any pictures of Joe or videos of Joe (or things that he's done), please let me know. I have access to this e-mail account:

Posted by Anne on 04.03.11

Anne Macon here. Unfortunately, the domain name that my brother had originally registered lapsed & we no longer have it. So for now, the official site for I'm Macon Movies is here at Please adjust your bookmarks as needed, since the .com site is now full of nonsense.

For those of you who don't know, I'm Macon Movies is the film production company that my brother, Joe Macon, started. He filmed a lot of bands & shows over the years & did some music videos.

Joe passed away on Friday, March 18th, 2011.

While I realize that many of his videos can be found on youtube & elsewhere, I don't feel right about this particular web presence that he had completely disappearing. I'm not sure what I will do with this site right now. I think I would like to upload some videos that he's done over the years. Joe also left behind a lot of tapes that I need to go through, & I'm not sure how many of them are out there on the internet.

So here is the very rough version of this new web site. Below are other I'm Macon Movies links:


Feel free to e-mail me at immaconmovies[at]gmail[dot]com

Posted by Anne on 03.25.11

Every section of this website is getting an overhaul. Some sections are still up. Some aren't. Visit our MySpace page for updates right now.

Posted by Joe on 05.10.07

Been pretty busy with a bunch of projects (some video and some not). I've also been reading a lot. I read a book recently that reminded me that I love zombie films and so, as of right now, I will be writing and directing a zombie film. It's a ways off in the future and I'm just starting to really work on the ideas for it. I will eventually get around to posting more on it, most likely when I have a script started. Just a lot of thinking going on right now. Nothing down on paper yet.

Posted by Joe on 09.17.06

Haven't updated in a while. There are some things I'm currently working on. I'll get to some of the major announcements right now.

Palmer Is Beautiful - The Old Store & The Shed Video Collection DVDrrrrr is now out and available for purchase. Visit our WEB STORE to purchase this epic DVD(rrrrr).

I finished editing the new music video for The Welch Boys. "Les Paul" is available HERE and will soon be in the REEL section soon.

I filmed all the footage for the Confront music video for "Humble Man", so that's in post-production right now. Also, I shot the storyline part of "Skinhead" by Darkbuster. All that's left is the performance footage. Soon enough.

I'm going to be fixing up and re-doing the mailing list. Anyone who's already a member will stay a member. More on that soon.

There are more projects on the way but I'm gonna stay hush on that for the time being. Just stay tuned.

Posted by Joe on 08.19.06

There's an article in the Boston Phoenix about Darkbuster and the "Skinhead" music video. As a result, I'm Macon Movies and myself are mentioned in it. You can visit the article by going here. Enjoy the reading.

Posted by Joe on 06.02.06

I'm Macon Movies will be filming the music video for Darkbuster's "Skinhead" in late July. However, we need the help of you punk rock parents out there to do so. Visit this page for more info on how you can help us out. Feel free to repost this on any message boards or myspace bulletins. With your help, this video will be amazing.

Posted by Joe on 05.08.06

Here's a live music video by The Hue Of Two. This song ended up on a repressing of their Doctor! Doctor! This City's Sick! EP.

The Hue Of Two - "Adventures In Jr. High Logic" (live)

Posted by Joe on 05.03.06

There's been a lot of things happening around the IMM camp lately and one of those is getting ready to start on some music videos. I know the SERVICES page isn't as detailed as I would prefer. That is just a basic list. Please, if you have any questions, etc about anything does then e-mail us via the CONTACT page. I promise that your e-mail won't go unanswered for more then a day. Take care everyone.

Posted by Joe on 04.22.06

Old Store / Shed DVD page now up. Will feature information on how to purchase, a trailer, etc. That will eventually go into the REEL page but for now it's got it's own little section. It's just for information so don't expect a ton of details until it moves into the REEL section.

Updated the SERVICES page to include some basic prices. What's up there now is just what I do musically. I'll soon have information on other services we have for people who are interested in other things besides a music video. For example, I'm working on some promotional pieces for groups that are part of some college campuses. I'll also be offering editing of home videos, etc, plus other special things that I will have up soon. It's hard working on this website myself.

Once again, the call goes out to anyone willing to help me out on this website. Payment is not really an option right now but if you want to start working on a reel then, you can test your skills with me. It'll most likely look better then what I can do with my very limited skills.

Couple of very cool projects coming up along with the possibilities of a few more. "617" was part of an ad for Sailor's Grave Records on Fuse. I don't know if it's still running. Check out SGR's website for that and I'll have it up here at some point. The commercial was put together by my friend Ian from Killswitch Productions so I want to say "good job" on his part and if you guys haven't yet, check out their website (it's in the LINKS section) and purchase their Agnostic Front Live At CBGBs DVD/CD combo. It's fantastic and the whole Killswitch Team did a great job.

I'm looking to advertise on websites. If you're in a band, please feel free to link us and we'll do the same, or if you know of any sites that would let me post a banner promoting my site, let me know. It's time to get involved in marketing.

I'll have some actual real business cards soon to give out as well as an improved Demo Reel. I've got 6 of the originals left. It'll consist of what's on the originals plus separate categories for music related and other types of customers.

I'm considering the creation of a television type ad to put on websites, etc, still. I've got a few ideas but as of right now, nothing solid. I might do a few, with one concentrating on music, another concentrating on other customers, and one that would be cover a broad number of subjects.

I'm considering changing the logo around a bit. Just a few little tweaks. If you have any skills designing logos and are interested, let me know.

This has been a long update. I know I'm not very specific at times. I need to get some more concrete info first. I owe people a mailing list soon too. I'll have that for those of you who have signed up very soon. All I can say right now about some of the projects I'm involved with is that IMM is branching out and going to be entering some interesting territory. I hope to bring you all along with me. Take it easy.

Posted by Joe on 04.09.06